Wednesday 1 February 2012

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates-L. Pinchon

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates
L. Pichon 
Fiction 9-12 

 Tom Gates is a 9 year old boy in year 5 who is very naughty. He loves doodling when teachers aren’t looking and also reading comics in the back of the class. When his teacher asks him to add detail to his drawings, he draws a picture of his female teacher with very detailed facial hair! It’s a very good, humorous book. The funniest part of the book is the illustrations. They would make people who don’t usually like reading like the book! The book’s filled with bubble writing which, I think, is very creative. A tragedy of swapping chairs occurs which puts Tom Gates right in the teacher’s view. Will he still be able to do his beloved drawings without getting caught? Or will he have to behave and sit next to an idiot for the rest of the school year? Posted by Amelia Callanan :-)!!! (Daughter of Bookgannet)

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