Saturday 14 July 2012

My Best Friend and Other Enemies-Catherine Wilkins

My Best Friend and Other Enemies
Catherine Wilkins
Nosy Crow
9-12 years

Jessica, an 11 year old girl who loves drawing cartoons, is best friends with Natalie. They share everything with each other: secrets, dino biscuits and sleepovers. But when a new, horrible girl called Amelia comes to their school, Natalie and Jessica start to break apart. Jessica’s alright with it at first but when they form a secret club without her, she cracks. Jessica tries to create her own gang to be rivals with Natalie and Amelia’s gang, CAC. Can the ACE gang be better than CAC? As things start to get out of hand, in other words NASTY, poor Jessica has to try and cope with their rude comments and evil tricks. Will Jessica be able to cope without her best friend by her side? Will they stay enemies forever?

I really enjoyed reading this book; I couldn’t put it down! I loved reading it and can’t wait until she writes another book (even though this one’s not out for a couple more months!). I’ve racked my brains to find something it could improve on but I can’t think of anything. I loved the chatty style of writing that Catherine Wilkins has; it almost feels like the girl in the book is talking to you. I liked the characters, especially Jessica. My favourite bit was when they gave her the out of date invite to go bowling. It is realistic because problems like this happen all the time with friends. There will be some point when they’re mean to you or when you hate each other a little. I loved this book; it has to be one of my favourites!!!  Well done, it takes a lot to get me interested!!!!!

Amelia Callanan